The St. Hilary Soccer Club (SHSC) is part of the St Hilary Athletic Association, which is part of St. Hilary Parish and offers programs for students in grades K-8.  Our primary goal is to help develop the Christian spirit of our youth players through the game of soccer.  The secondary goal of the SHSC is to build a foundation for technically skilled and creative soccer players through trainings focused on ball mastery, passing/receiving, and individual moves. 

As participants through the St Hilary Athletic Association, we recognize the diverse gifts and talents of those involved, namely priests, players, parents, coaches, spectators and game officials.  Its our hope and intentions to celebrate the best of these differences by promoting the peace of Christian living, the discipline of good sportsmanship and the joy of fair athletic competition. We must acknowledge that we are all children of God and that we follow his teachings. We believe that all we do in sports is for His glory and that how we treat others is a reflection of His glory.

The SHSC is dedicated to helping youth players, their leaders and their parents realize that positive encouragement, respect for one another, respect for the efforts of one another regardless of the results, and positive acknowledgement of those results are all needed to make sports an offering to God. Pure love of the sport must be the motivation of all our work. Favoritism and over zealousness to win and treating one’s opponent as an enemy has no place in this, our ministry.

The impact coaches, parents, team managers, and spectators have on youth players is tremendous. Our example, the decisions we make, the demeanor we display, the way we relate to the best players as compared to the ones who are less talented, our language and our response to winning and losing can and does make a lasting impact on those we lead.  We are determined to never let the winning or losing of a game distort our service to our youth players.

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